Thanks for the insights, really interesting. I guess your point that 'content isn't binary but scaled/auto systems are' is a bit at the heart of this problem. I get it's a *really hard balance*, but this defence does seem to be quickly rolled out by companies making billions of dollars. Maybe the system needs to be better. Though it certainly seems hard to find the how...

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Aug 1, 2022·edited Aug 1, 2022Author

thank you for reading! It's super tricky. As you point out, the process requires binary categorisation/classification to work properly, but reality doesn't really look like that. Personally, (my views, not my former employer) I think more transparency around the how's and the why's would increase at least the understanding in the space. While it won't fix the issue, it would be helpful for users to get more insights into how it works and why it's hard.

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